Sunday, January 13, 2013

What To Look Out For When Looking For Business Opportunities Online

There's no shortage of vultures ready to swindle you out of your hard earned money online, while trying to take advantage of your wishes of working from home. This post will save the disappointment of your learning the hard way and prevent these scammers. I will discuss a listing of known scams, some will be extremely clear to many of you, but I don't want any more people losing their cash to these online scams. I also expect to aid newcomers to the work at home industry because it's definitely a very lucrative industry.

The main thing to accomplish in preventing being ripped off, is knowing the facts. Google is a priceless tool with this. Research the title of the business. Generally that's enough to understand if they have complaints about them being a rip-off, just how long they have been a company, and what goods and services they perform and provide.

Stuffing Envelopes: You likely have seen the ads online and in papers "Get Paid to Stuff Envelopes $2 per envelope" Therefore you say hmmm takes me 15 seconds to stuff an envelope, stuff 4 per minute, 240 per hour, meaning I could make $480 per hour working from home, what a wonderful chance! What they neglect to inform you in the advertisement is that you need to get people to send you a SASE (S.elf A.ddressed S.tamped E.nvelope). So the truth is you have to promote some other system. Get people to send a SASE to you requesting more info about the product.

Assemblage at House:
Another common newspaper advertisement "make $500 per week from home assembling basic products". Now many of these offer a list of items needing assembly and you can decide those to do. Difficulty is that you get paid say $2 for each piece assembled and delivered back to the business, and it just took three hrs for you to put together each one. So that at this point you are getting a whopping 67 cents hourly with your new house job. Even worse, several organizations will send the merchandise to you to assemble accompanied with a statement for that product which you then need to assemble and market by yourself.

Information Entry:
Some are actually legit, and these come in a number of types and you may make an excellent living doing this BUT a number of these are really paying you for much less than advertised, so be careful. Sometimes you've got to really bid on jobs and spend to get the work. Then you discover that so as to make $7 an hour you have to have the ability to type 175 words per minute non-stop (most people cant type very that fast). Several may have you entering information for attorneys or hospitals, and some are legit, but much more are asking you to complete forms online. This is quite time intensive and you receive money a figure like $3 per form completed. Again doing the mathematics understanding you have spent one hour to only make $3 per hour.

This one is delicate to a bunch of people. However in my experience this isn't very profitable. Most businesses paying surveys pay out in points, not actual cash, so you don't actually receive money back from your hard work. For instance, you choose 15 minutes to complete a survey to receive 10 cents, or you get 500 points (only difficulty is the cheapest prize is a miniature flashlight for 9,500,000,000 points and then you pay shipping and managing of $15). There are the others offering 2-20 dollars per study. Unfortunately they always appear to be seeking for a really specific focused group of people (This study is for Asian women 19-20 who live in Antarctica and love wearing bikinis).

Pyramid Schemes:
This topic is just just a little touchy too, even to me. I am involved with several MLMs. I need to show a Pyramid Scheme to be understood by you. This is when they inform you to send $5 to each name on the list and add your name to the underside and mail it to everybody. This is actually Illegal in The USA.  A pyramid scheme will not provide any product or service for the cash, therefore rendering it unlawful. There are online (frequently they appear quite comparable to pyramid schemes due to their payment arrangement).

You can easily see these companies aren't quite what they appear in the advertisements. I expect that knowing how some of these perform can save you some money and time. I'd also want to include there are exceptions to every rule. Somebody somewhere has an excellent company performing these very issues, but they're the exception not the rule. Now lets go discover some excellent opportunities to work at home together. Recall the quickest way to get everything you need is to help others attain it with you!

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